13 thoughts on “Thaumastocoris peregrinus distribution

  1. Hi Annie
    I like the T. peregrinus distribution map.
    It is a good important site for me.
    What role can I play to help on on this, as you know this species has become I daily area of study and will be for a long time!
    I would only kinldy request you to update the current distribution of T. peregrinus in the world. It is a very informative site for me.
    Annie keep it up.
    I am waiting for this current publication in the IPM Journal article fron you and Ryan.
    Have a beauty day

    Eston Mutitu

  2. Hi Eston,

    I’ve updated the distribution now to reflect its recent movement into Italy (2011) and New Zealand (May 2012). Do you have any more recent information on its distribution within Africa that I could use to update further.

    Hope that all is well with you.

    Best regards,


  3. Hi Simon,
    Sorry for the delay in this reply.
    I think is due to the work here.
    The Insect is also in Uganda and Tanzania

    The populations in Kenya are high are very high and causing a lot of damage on a wide range of Eucalyptus


    Eston Mutitu

  4. Hi Eston,

    Thanks very much for that update, I’ve modified the map accordingly. I’m sure that Thaumastocoris will be keeping you busy for some time to come! Hope that the PhD contnues to progress well.



  5. Hi Eston,
    may I have the references about the new distribution in Africa?

  6. Hello I am working with Thaumastocoris peregrinus and I am compiling all the information regarding to its current distribution. Do you have any reference to support that this insect is present in Paraguay?, if so, where in Paraguay it is present?
    I will really appreciate your help!!!
    María Saavedra

  7. Thanks Simon, the thing was that I couldn’t find any reference from that country but I have already contacted people from Paraguay. Thanks a lot for your answer.

  8. Hi Renato,

    All is well here, hope all is good with you too.

    I’ve now updated the distribution map for T. peregrinus to include the recent record in Portugal. There is also now an update on the newsblog with the link you provided as well as more recent details from Dr Carlos Valente.

  9. Hello!
    I am revising the distribution of T. peregrinus and I need some help. Do any of you know where exactly in Kenya T. peregrinus has been recorded (either the city or exact coordinates) or any reference about it? (different to Noak AE, Cassis G, Rose HA, 2011. as this paper only mentions the country)

    I would really appreciate your help!
    Thanks a lot,
    María S.

  10. Hi María

    Only read your comment now, so not sure if you have already found the data you were looking for regarding distribution of T. peregrinus in Kenya. If not, you should contact Mr Eston Mutitu (eston.mutitu@fabi.up.ac.za, estonmutitu@gmail.com).


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